Our History

Since 1990, TeleOnda has been acting and growing in the Telecommunications market, establishing partnerships with the most important references in the world of Information and Communication Technologies, allowing our development in the implementation of complex and intelligent solutions, with which we have created a valuable customer base, satisfied with the quality of our products and services.

We have a wide experience in consulting, installation and maintenance of telecommunications and networking equipment and infrastructures in the residential and business markets, namely the hospitality industry.

Our team is made up of 35 consultants and engineers who participate in frequent training sessions, guaranteeing the evolution of their knowledge, in the most advanced areas of Telecommunication, guaranteeing the demand and satisfaction of our clients using the most advanced solutions.

Our mission translates customer loyalty through the analysis of its real needs, projecting solutions "turnkey" according to criteria of high balance in the factors Quality, Price and Functionality.

We, TeleOnda, rely on technology and believe in its ability to improve the quality of life for all of us.