About Us

We have gathered competence, availability and innovation throughout our work methodology, aiming at quality differentiation among other telecommunications companies.

Our mission

Customer loyalty through the analysis of their real needs, projecting solutions "turnkey" according to criteria of high balance in the factors Quality, Price and Functionality.                                            

Our plans

To guarantee the evolution of the knowledge of our consultants and engineers, in the most advanced areas of the world of telecommunications, guaranteeing the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our vision

We believe that differentiation for quality relative to the common standard of other companies in this industry will be one of the decisive factors in this area of ​​technologies in the near future.

Technical Assistance

Teleonda, as a company specializing in the new technology and security sector, makes its services available through contracts of preventive and corrective maintenance or technical assistance contracts, with modalities adaptable to the needs of each client.

Extra Modality

Contract that covers the costs of technical interventions (labor and travel), for repair of malfunctions or changes of hardware or software in the system and installed peripherals.

Modality Plus

In this modality besides the cost of the interventions, the equipment is also covered, so any repairs of parts and modules will not be charged, as they are already included in the contract.

Modality VIP - (24h)

This modality provides the contact with the technical team in prevention, and can be contracted separately or in addition to any of the previous modalities, to extend the hours of coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Request for Assistance

In case you need a service of ours you can contact us that we will act as soon as possible.

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Our History

During these years, we have established partnerships with the most important "players" of information and communication technologies allowing our development in the implementation of complex intelligent solutions.

  • Faro - 1990

    Creation of Teleonda

    Teleonda was born in Faro in 1990, with the aim of acting in the Telecommunications market. The following year, we became exclusive representatives in the Algarve of Siemens Portugal, as Qualified Siemens Partner.

  • Cabo Verde - 2010

    Creation of Teleonda CV

    We are now recognized nationally and in the Palops, through the creation of the Telonda Group with the establishment of the company Teleonda CV in Cabo Verde, and the establishment of strong commercial partnerships in Guinea Bissau and São Tomé e Princípe.



Contact us

Please email us to place an order or clarify any questions.

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